Dear Mom and Dad,
I finally arrived to the city of gold. People from all over the world come visiting me. I'm fine.
I have my own cage. Okay, it's a small cage. Sometimes it feels like the cage is even smaller than me. In fact, I hate the cage.

We have no air condition. The heat is unbearable, I feel like a grilled penguin. My neighbour, the bird, isn't moving anymore.

They just give me food, drinks and accomodation, so i have no chance to send money home. Sorry...
Bear, photographed in Dubai Zoo, July 26th 2006

                                                                                                                                                                     Yours, Bear


zoo entrance        sweating bear    turtles

turtle meal    walking tiger    sweating wolves    proud stork

pelicans    overtaxed wolf    monkeys    lion with aircondition

lonely eagle    lion babies    hungry monkey    green parrot

giraffe    visitors    flamingos    sleeping flamingos

deer    cuddling parrots    crocodile    cage construction

brother bear    baby monkey    animal 66 


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